Established in 2013, Savage Mas has been an elite, premium, all-inclusive section in the Miami carnival scene since our inception. We have one goal and one goal only, to elevate the Miami Carnival and ‘On the Road’ experience for all masqueraders. From unique and fashion-forward costume designs to a euphoric experience on the road, we strive to put our masqueraders first and create the magic that is Carnival.

In 2018, we experienced some hardships with our production, which resulted some customers getting costumes late, and some not getting a costume at all. We have made many changes to our internal team and production team as well to ensure a seamless process from start to finish. We have employed over 30 brand ambassadors to help market and promote, as well as to ensure we are held accountable as a band for any mishaps that may occur. We also have in place plans A-Z should any issues arise. 

Along with providing great customer service & breathtaking costumes, Savage Mas will once again extend all the popular amenities of an all-inclusive band such as tasty breakfast, unlimited non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, roaming photographers and the best DJs/Soca artists providing incredible vibes on our 53-foot music trucks in the ‘All-inclusive Road Party" by collaborated once again with Major Players Mas, promising nothing but VIBES!

We are a vibrant colorful group with many members from all over the Caribbean and the US, who participate and support us before, during, and after the carnival season in whatever venture we undertake. The bandleaders and designers want to thank all those who have supported us through the years and for being part of the Savage family. 

Join us on the road as we present to you "VOGUE" for Miami Carnival 2019!

About Savage Mas Productions